I’ve made it my mission to help prepare her for the future by offering some resistance to her strong will.

One day, at the park, my sweet 3-year-old granddaughter and I had a battle of the wills. Zoe loves to swing. She wanted me to get in the swing next to her. I said no. After her repeated attempts to persuade me, I held firm. (It was so difficult because she is sweet and I do love her.)

This led to a significant meltdown! In her displeasure, she wanted nothing to do with her uncooperative Papa. There were 20 minutes with lots of tears. My wife heard the wails and came to check out what was happening, but went back to the house when she realized it was just a battle of the wills!

I sat on the play structure inviting Zoe to join me and slowly she inched closer and closer. Eventually, she took my hand. I asked if I could give her a hug, and she agreed, pressing in for a warm embrace. The battle of the wills was over!

I wonder if God sometimes resists giving me what I want for a greater purpose that I do not understand? I think he does. At times, like Zoe, I respond with tears, frustration or anger. God waits for me to press in for his warm embrace. Just as I was longing for Zoe to come to me but wanted it to be her decision, God invites me to come to him, a standing invitation of love and grace.

Father God, thank you for your patience with me. Thank you that in your love and kindness you do not fulfill all of my wishes, even though you could. In the moment, I do get angry with you. I want to affirm that you act with my best in mind and I confess my lack of patience and trust that you love me. Amen

For Today: Are you angry with God? Is there something that you want that is not happening? Consider God’s father’s heart. Could it be that God has a better plan, not giving you everything that you request of him?

Tags: Ecclesiastes 7
Photo Credit: Klub Boks