You've heard there was a resurrection and you want proof? You say Jesus was a good man showing us how to live, and it’s terrible that bad people had to kill him. But no one really knows if he rose from the dead or not. If only you could see, then you would believe.

You will find no proof this way. You have to believe first, then see. The religious leaders of that day wanted proof, too. They said they would believe if he would just come down from the cross (Mark 15:32).

God could show you if he chose, just as he did to Thomas (John 20:27-29). He told Thomas that those who believe without seeing first are blessed because they have faith. Without faith, it is impossible to truly believe a miracle such as this. He “proved” it to his friends, to the ones who already believed Jesus paid for their sins on the cross upon which they saw him die. He couldn’t be kept in the grave, and that fact gave them hope they would also rise one day.

Let me grasp your hand, and let’s look together in faith and believe! You will not want proof anymore, because then you will know that, because of his eternal love for you, he rose out of the grave that day — just like he said he would do — so he could give you eternal life.

Father, thank you for giving up your Son to die for our sins and then defeat death by his resurrection so he could bring us into eternal life. Help me believe more by seeing things through my faith-eyes and by your Spirit providing me more understanding of the Scriptures. Amen.

Go Deeper — Why do you think a person needs faith to believe instead of proof? Can you prove faith?

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Photo Credit: Aaron Burden