Temptation can affect us positively. When the opportunity to be tempted arises, it depends on how we deal with the urge to act below God’s standard. Jesus taught us to ask to be led away from temptation in order to avoid sinning. To not give in to what is enticing us towards the wrong path, we need help. Where does temptation come from?

Temptation does not come from God (James 1:13). It comes either from our own cravings or from the devil trying to trap people into doing what’s wrong. Trials, which can come from God, can happen to those who are trying to proclaim the gospel and remain faithful in a broken world.

During times of temptation or trials, a person is under pressure and is forced to react. Weaknesses are exposed. Flaws can pop up. Jesus is able to sympathize with our weaknesses because He walked the Earth Himself (Hebrew 4:15). Jesus advised us to be proactive by praying. We are to go to the throne of grace (Hebrew 4:16) and rely completely on our Father. We access His empowering grace by faith. Leaning on the Holy Spirit and quoting the Word empowers us to live in victory (Matthew 26:41).

So how then is temptation positive? Our weaknesses compel us to humble ourselves before God in prayer instead of trying hard in our own strength. He then leads us on the right path. Sometimes prayer changes us rather than the situation. Our character is developed, we mature, and our relationship with God improves. No one welcomes temptation, but God has promised assistance for us to win the battle.

Father God, thank you for providing a way out of temptation. I ask you to help me to watch and to continue to pray to enable me to overcome my weaknesses, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Go Deeper – Ask God to help with your weaknesses as often as you need to before you feel tempted. When you are tempted to do the wrong thing, pray discreetly about it regardless of where you are before you take an action.

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Photo Credit: Kate Remmer