In 1987, the popular Irish band, U2, released what would become one of their most popular singles, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” The song highlights the yearning for meaning that our human nature desires to discover.

Jesus has a heart-to-heart conversation with his disciples recorded in John 6. After emphasizing the nature of belief that is necessary for people to follow him, Jesus points out that a relationship with him requires a measure of acceptance in what cannot be seen. When Peter is asked if he, too, would abandon Christ as the others had done once they realized how difficult their life might become, he utters words of complete hope.

Essentially, Peter states that he has indeed found what he has been looking for because he understood that Jesus had the “words of eternal life.” In other words, what Christ offered him was beyond anything he could find elsewhere.

Isn’t that ultimately what we are all looking for: someone who not only has the words of life but is the life? What God offers all humanity through the life and death of his Son is the answer to every question or problem we face.

Dear Father, thank you for bringing life to the world through Jesus. Help me to stop seeking to satisfy my eternal longings in ways that are not in your presence.

Throughout the Day: Ask God to show you others in your path who are also searching for fulfillment or meaning. Maybe you can point them to the words of life that Jesus offers.

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Photo Credit: Bogdan Zavialov on Unsplash