Everyone looks forward to summer, but anyone who has raised or cared for children knows how easily they can become bored. When children use the dreaded “b” word, they are struggling with a lack of motivation. What has worked the best with my grandsons is to ask them to make a list of possible activities for the day, and then let them choose the best optiont. Involving the child in this “brainstorming” process is crucial (I am usually the “scribe”, writing down the options). I then offer to do the chosen activity with my grandson, which helps to get him out of his “bored” slump!

As adults, where does OUR motivation to do the next task come from? Today’s verse says that whatever you have to or choose to do, do it in the name of Jesus and with thankfulness! Offer up each word or action in a deliberate way to glorify God, who gives you the breath and life (and health!) to serve him!

Worship continues to be an activity that does not leave me bored. Turning on the Christian radio station or singing words of praise as a song comes to mind while I am working during the day can transform my lack of motivation into a sense of purpose. Prayer is also a way to leave all of my restless thoughts at the foot of the cross, releasing control to God the Father, and asking him to prompt my next activity. Friends of mine have started to ask God to put someone on their heart each day, and then they have delivered a thoughtful gift or vase of flowers to their door. As we allow God’s Spirit to guide us, surrendering our own agenda for the day, life becomes an adventure instead of boring!

Father God, I thank you for Jesus, who set an example for me of purposeful living. Help me to turn to you each day with a willingness and motivation to glorify you in what I do and say. Show me the adventure of living moment by moment in your Spirit’s power!

Throughout This Day: Whatever you choose to do today, do it with all of your heart, as unto the Lord, with a thankful attitude, whether you are bored or not! Ask God to put someone’s name on your heart, and then reach out to that person in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father for all that you DO have and CAN do!

Song of Reflection: "I Surrender All" by Judson Wheeler Van DeVenter (rendition by Vineyard Worship) When relevant, we’ll include a song that can help you reflect further on today’s subject. If you have song recommendations that are relevant to today’s passage or devotional, feel free to send them to us!

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