When I first trusted Jesus as my Savior and asked Him to be Lord of my life, He began to transform my life beyond what I thought possible — rebuilding my life’s foundation and values on God’s word. The Spirit of God guided me and spoke to my heart. Jesus became more real to me. I was changing so rapidly I thought, “Oh my goodness, at this rate I should be perfect in about 10 years!” Ha! (Yes, my naivety still makes me laugh out loud!)

What I didn’t realize is that getting to know and follow Jesus is a life long journey. The Lord always has much more to say to us. At every stage of growth and maturity, there are things we cannot yet bear. Thankfully, He continues to lead us into all truth if we allow Him. As we respond to the Spirit of truth and apply/obey what He shows us, then He reveals more.

Are our hearts willingly surrendered and ready to embrace truth? Do we have ears to hear what the Spirit wants to say to us? Or do we close ourselves off when we don’t want to hear what He says or obey or align our lives with His truth?

I have never heard God’s voice audibly, but He speaks to my innermost being through His Word by His Spirit. I thank God He speaks. The Lord promises that His sheep hear His voice. Are we truly listening?

Father God, thank you that you speak. You promise to lead us into all truth. Oh, Lord, please give us ears to hear you and hearts that are responsive to you. Help us be willing to surrender, to let you lead and willingly embrace your will over our own. Open our eyes that we might see you and our ears that we might hear you. Help us hear the much more you have to say to us.... In Jesus’ powerful and precious Name, AMEN!

Go Deeper — Begin the habit of asking the Lord what He wants to say to you in your time with Him. Ask Him to show you if there is something He has spoken to your heart and you have not yet applied the truth or obeyed the truth.

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Photo Credit: Robson Hatsukami Morgan