I’ve noticed a lot of heads hitting brick walls lately. Mountains not moving. Circumstances refusing to change. Issues once conquered creeping back to life. Situations that remind me of how much we need to rely more on the Holy Spirit and less on ourselves.

I like how one pastor developed an “I can’t but he can” mentality. Every day as he walked to and from classes, he repeated that phrase over and over again. Although a simple mantra, it produced in him a passionate commitment to God’s ways and a deeper trust in the Holy Spirit.

Obviously, a mindless repetition of “I can’t but he can” won’t deepen our dependence on God any more than willing ourselves to be thinner transforms us to a size small. But realizing how much we need the Holy Spirit is the best place to start. Without a healthy dose of humility, the words “I can’t but he can” remain little more than a vain repetition.

But it’s also a mindset that invites the Holy Spirit to permeate our everyday circumstances and turn them into something extraordinary beyond the status quo. Someone has said, “God’s office is at the end of our rope.”

So don’t be intimidated by stationary walls or immovable mountains. And don’t be satisfied with ho-hum living. Walls can move, or paths around them can appear. Ask the Holy Spirit to infuse you with the ability to do what he can and you can’t.

Holy Spirit, we are desperate for you to lead us. Not only to help us through difficulties but to be a constant presence in all we do. May we develop a mindset that acknowledges, “We can’t but you can.” Amen.

Go Deeper — Be honest. Are you more apt to give up, or turn to God for help? Why not write down this simple mantra to boost your faith?

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Photo Credit: Jordan Ladikos