It really was a crazy tale. A scientist among them would have explained how the process of death is irreversible. A psychologist would say that deep emotions of grief sometimes trigger a temporary psychosis. A journalist would tell how he’d been tracking down crazy rumours for years. A politician would point out that this was very dangerous talk. Yes, they all agreed. It was just nonsense.

It was early that Sunday. They’d had an awful few days. There was breakfast to prepare. They would try to forget the horrible events and remember some of the good times they’d shared with Jesus. Not a day for chasing crazy rumours. Not at all. So, they dismissed the stories and went about their business.

But Peter was troubled. Yes, the story was crazy. To be sure it sounded like nonsense. But what if there was something to it? What if something had really happened? Could it actually be true?

Scientists, psychologists, journalists, politicians and many others today will assure you it is not. “It’s a crazy tale. Wish fulfillment. Conspiracy theory. Unlikely. Impossible.” But Peter got up and ran to the tomb. What he saw that day was the beginning of the good news that has changed the world. It was empty! 

You can dismiss the story. You can believe those who say, “Nonsense!” Or like Peter, you can get up and investigate. Perhaps you’ll end up proclaiming with billions of others, “Christ has risen! He has risen indeed.”

Father, we rejoice in this amazing, inescapable truth: Christ has risen! He has risen indeed! May this Easter bring great glory and honour to you, Lord, as your children around the world rise up fearlessly to proclaim this truth, mindless of those who still call it nonsense.

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Photo Credit: Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash