The phone rang. When I heard the doctor’s voice ask for my husband, my heart began to pound and my mouth went dry. This was the anticipated call from the doctor who had performed my husband’s biopsy just five days before at the doctor’s office.

“I’m sorry,” the doctor said. “There isn’t enough sample for the lab and a surgical biopsy has to be done.”

My heart sank.

The year 2020 was a difficult year for us—being “year two” of my husband’s battle with lymphoma located behind his right ear, then three months ago spreading into the right side of his throat. We had put so much effort into getting the first throat biopsy which resulted in pain for my husband. Now treatment would be delayed even longer.

I felt so sad. I cried out to the Lord, Please Lord I feel so helpless and weak right now.

The next morning I came across Psalm 28:7, which gave me a sense of a fresh start. When there is no strength to be had, “the Lord is my strength.” When there is no protection from fears to be found, “the Lord is my shield.” My heart can trust in him knowing that he helps me.

When your focus is on the Lord and you rely on the power of his Spirit, you too can find that strength and joy can be experienced in spite of troubles. A song of praise can flow from a heart trusting in the Lord in the midst of turmoil.

Lord, I want to trust you with the new year ahead. Be my strength and my shield. May I find joy in you and sing a song of praise for who you are no matter what troubles are all around me. Amen.

Throughout This Day: If worries or fears begin to fill your heart and mind, remember that God is your strength and your shield and you can rest in his unfailing love.

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Photo Credit: Jason Abdilla on Unsplash