How desperate are you to bring people to Jesus? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately. I realize I’m far from the kind of desperation the four friends of the paralyzed man displayed.

Now those men were desperate. They believed Jesus could heal their friend, so they lifted him up and carried him to the home where Jesus was teaching. But when they arrived, the massive crowd blocked them from any chance of getting him to Jesus. Undeterred, they dug a hole in the roof of the house! They lowered their friend before Jesus and Jesus responded to their faith. The paralytic left that house with new legs and a forgiven soul.

But what if the friends hadn’t taken the time or exerted the energy to carry their friend to Jesus? What if they let themselves think Jesus couldn’t do the impossible? What if they feared looking stupid in front of other people? What if they were afraid of giving their friend false hope?

Thankfully, those faithful friends succumbed to none of the above. They believed. They acted. They witnessed a miracle. We can learn a lesson from them.

Jesus is the answer for every person in the world—no matter what the circumstance. No one falls outside his love or ability to rescue. So let’s respond to God’s heart for people. Let’s get a little desperate to bring them to Jesus.

Father, please help us see people the way you do. May we recognize their great need for your love and salvation. Help us be loving, bold and undeterred in bringing them to you.

Throughout this Day: Ask God to give you his heart for each person you encounter today.

Additional Resource: Here is a devotional book for couples that would really help you as a couple fall more in love: more in love with God, more in love with each other, more loving of yourself and more loving of others.

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Photo Credit: Ketan Rajput on Unsplash