Everyone needs hope. Those scarred by life’s hurts may try to resist it. But even the most hardened skeptic longs to have something to hope for. It’s the way God made us. Hope is a gift from our Creator to warm our journey and comfort us in despair. C.S. Lewis says hope is “one of the things a Christian is meant to do.” 

So how do we do hope? How do we keep the difficulties in life from smothering our hope? How does hope work in a world where headlines shout violence and injustice? When a parent’s dream for his child is snuffed out? When medical bills swallow up life savings? How does hope lift us up? 

Christian hope rests on the resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus Christ promises something good will rise from every grave of disappointment. We do hope when we embrace that promise and depend upon the unwavering character of God to fulfill it. 

We do hope best when we turn our expectations from this world to the next. Paul says if our hope in Christ extends only for this present life, we should be pitied. Until we understand that all we experience in this life prepares us for the next, we will remain vulnerable to hopelessness.

If you are a Christian, you have access to unlimited hope. Hope that reaches beyond the circumstances of your past, present and future. Hope that whispers to you and me the best is yet to come….

So let’s do it!

Thank you, Father, for the hope you give us in Jesus Christ. May the power of his resurrection lift us out of the pits of discouragement, frustration, and despair. May the hope of eternity resound in our hearts and renew us each day.

Throughout This Day: Practice doing hope by viewing each situation you face today through the lens of eternity.

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Photo Credit: Jackson David on Unsplash