You’ve probably heard the riddle. If a tree falls in the forest but if there’s no one to hear it, does it make a sound? Paul asks a similar one. If someone never hears the Good News of Christ, then can they ever believe?

Digital technology has made it possible for you, and hundreds of others, to read this devotion on their screen. Most likely I will never meet 99.9 percent of those who read it today or in the future. But I trust God to use it to His glory.

However, we can’t wimp out and hide behind our keyboards. Yes, God can use our witnesses posted in social media. However, nothing beats the old fashion face-to-face contact. A side hug, a warm smile, a pat on the shoulder, or handing someone a tissue to wipe their tears.

In this age of connection, so often we are disconnected. We don’t make eye contact with the person next to us as we click our thumbs sending texts or share response emojis over the latest gif with hundreds. How can we know who is lonely and hurting unless we look away from our devices and look them in the face?

Today, I encourage you to make contact with someone. It may be a stranger standing in line with you, or it may be a loved one you pass on the way out the door. Stop, look them in the eye and ask how they are doing. Truly listen. Then respond in God’s love.

Dear Father, you put humans on earth to communicate with each other and we are doing that in ways never before possible. Forgive me when I spend more time staring at avatars than making eye contact with those you put in my path. Give me a renewed heart to connect with those who nead to hear your Good News. Through your Son, my Savior, Jesus, I pray this. Amen.

Go Deeper — At least once per day this week, put down your device and notice those around you. Then pray for God to show you who to connect with that needs to hear or see His love in action.

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop