After Jesus ascended, Phillip went with Peter to Samaria and preached the Good News. He’d been there before with Jesus and seen many converted (John 4:1-44). And this time, as it happened with his Master, many more received the Gospel.

Then Phillip was detoured. He was told to head south into the desert. God had a purpose in that because further in Acts 8, Phillip meets an influential person and shares the Gospel with him. What is remarkable to me is that verse 27 simply says that Phillip went. He obeyed. No questions asked. No moaning as to why he should leave when he was doing such good things in Samaria. 

Recently, my congregation split. It has been devastating. Many are headed to a new church, but I’ve felt called to stay behind and rebuild. Even so, it won’t be the same.

I think God knocks us out of the familiar for a reason. The same reason a mama bird kicks her fledglings out of the nest. How else will we learn to soar? Stretch our wings? Seek new horizons? Baby birds left in the nest will become deformed and unable to do what birds do — fly.

In order to grow in Christ, we must be more like Phillip. Obey. Don’t whine, don’t delay. Go where God wants us to go. Sometimes he’ll allow us to see the bigger picture, but many times we may not ever understand why. The important thing, what comforts us, is that God goes with us.  

Lord, it is so easy to say I will obey and follow where you lead. It is much harder to get up and do it. Give me the strength and confidence I need to obey and go wherever you need me. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Thank the Lord for where he has you and the blessings he has bestowed upon you, but be willing to venture into something new if he calls you to do that, no matter how big or small. 

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Photo Credit: Bogdan Zavialov on Unsplash