What do you think hope looks like? I think a lot of people picture something vague, fluffy and happy. I personally picture a light-blue gem. Don’t ask me why.

But the thing is, when we really need hope, some vague image isn’t going to cut it. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty details, we need to know exactly what our hope is so that we can have something firm to hold onto.

The hope we have as Christians isn’t luck, wishful thinking, or naivety. It’s real, concrete, living, and reliable. It does not put us to shame. Ever.

What is this hope? It’s the promise of eternal life in heaven.

Why do we need hope? Pain. This world hurts and it is not as it should be. We want relief.

Why is there pain? Sin.

And who saves us from the sin and pain of this world? Jesus, through his sacrifice and resurrection.

This world needs real, everlasting hope, and we have it. Our hope is Jesus. Our hope is literally living. In him, we get to spend eternity in Heaven, where Revelation 21:4 says there will be no more “death or mourning or crying or pain.” That is our hope. And it’s not a “maybe”. It’s a reality for those who accept Jesus’ salvation.

I challenge you to live in hope because your hope is living. We have new birth through his resurrection. Our inheritance is to die for. Live like it!

Lord, thank you for your amazing grace toward us. Thank you for a hope that isn’t like this world’s hope, which is wishful thinking. Instead it is hope that will never disappoint me or put me to shame, a hope I can stand proudly on. Please give me the courage to share this precious hope I have and to boldly trust you in it without fear of heartbreak. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today's Challenge: Think about ways that you can live according to this real, living hope today. And then take action — it will not go unnoticed.

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Photo Credit: Big Potato on Unsplash