I hope that the calves I have been pouring my heart into, by naming and taming them all these months, aren't sold. I've been told by many that this is a foolish and illogical notion. They were born for purposes, some unfathomable to me. Many will be sold, if not all. It is a false hope.

When the world prepared for the arrival of the Messiah, no one ever conceived his fate to be anything but glorious. Instead, Jesus was born of a virgin and raised in simplistic surroundings. Still, many put their hope in him being the one they’d waited for all these centuries.

However, people watched in silent torment as their Savior was crucified as part of his destiny. It was the end of hope as they knew it. Until three days had passed, and the rumor of Jesus' resurrection resuscitated that hope. His death was not in vain, and the reason for the sequence of events served an awesome purpose.

It was to give you and me a reason to hope “fully.” In spite of ourselves, Jesus came to save us and not to leave us in shambles. He became the cornerstone of what it means to be loved and filled with a hope that will never die, no matter what heartbreaks come.

May we believers in Christ, spread to others the hope that this season brings. May we give those around us the reason why this Christmas, and every day, empowers us to hope, fully.

Heavenly Father, I continue to be in awe of all that this time of year means. That the reason for my immense hope is because you gave us Jesus. I never want to lose sight of that fact or take it for granted. Provide me with opportunities to share the reason for my hope with friends and family this Christmas. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write H-O-P-E on a piece of paper. Assign something that brings you hope to each letter, such as “h” for home, hospitality, heart, health, etc. Now thank God for providing each of those to you, but most of all for giving you his Son, Jesus.

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Photo Credit: Nick West