Hope in God comes from more than a belief that He exists. The Bible calls hope in God “an anchor for the soul”. It is something deep that secures you through the storms of life with confident expectation in His strength.

H - Hope for Help

God invites you to come to Him and boldly ask for help. The need is different for all of us. Ask - without hesitation, without doubting.

O - Hope to Overcome

Friends of ours tell a story of their marriage, brought to a crisis by alcohol abuse. When they finally invited God into their circumstances, by His strength, they overcame great obstacles. Today they have an intact family that gives God a place in their home. God gives hope and help to overcome. God can help you overcome the obstacles you face.

P - Hope for Power

Sometimes in life we find ourselves facing things that feel too big to handle. It might be a relationship struggle, a job task, finances, grief over a loss. Seeing our weakness as the very entry point of God’s strength gives access to his power!

E - Hope for Eternity

When we put our faith and hope in God, it not only gives us help, strength and power today, it also gives us hope for life after death. It is a confident expectation of the ultimate “tomorrow’.

The God of hope is only one prayer away.

Dear God, I have gone my own way and have put my hope in so many things that have disappointed me. Forgive me and come into my life today. Show me how to live in confident expectation of how you can impact my life, my character and my circumstances. I place my hope in you right now and ask You to make yourself known to me where I walk. I thank you. Amen.

Do you need hope for tomorrow? Connect with a mentor to tell someone you are going to put your hope in God to help you with what you are facing. A mentor will pray for you.

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