Just like the prodigal son had to lose everything in order to “come to himself,” Jonah had to hit rock bottom in the dark belly of the great fish.

In the same way, my husband lost his job in a painful and humiliating way at age 26. He spiraled down into a dark depression. We spent our meager savings moving to a bigger city, hoping to find a better job, but he was too depressed to look for more than a part-time security job. His angry, hateful words were devastating. In desperation, I took our two-year-old son and moved out.

As I’d hoped, our leaving was the shock he needed to realize he’d hit rock bottom. He humbled himself, returned to the Lord, and agreed to see a marriage counselor. After several weeks of talking and praying together daily, we renewed our marriage vows and have stayed happily married for more than forty years.

People “hit rock bottom” when they reach the lowest point of their lives and realize they have nothing else to lose. For some, it’s the only place they can clearly see themselves and their situation and understand how much they need God’s love and mercy to pull out of the rocky pit.

If you find yourself in what seems like a hopeless situation, look up! Jesus is always present, reaching down to give you a hand up.

Lord, may I never have to hit rock bottom in order to see you clearly, but if I lose my way in the dark, please help me look up and find you again! Amen.

Go Deeper — Take time today to write out how Jesus found you at your worst. Let it remind you of his love for you.

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