"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want." Psalm 23:1

Amidst all the lists and details running through my mind I found words from Psalm 23 pushing into my consciousness. God’s presence was nudging me to draw close. I realized again that where I focus is my choice.

Even when life is full and good I need to be aware of choosing my focus. Otherwise I can get my spirit bogged down with concern over details, and end up being unfruitful.

Do you pay attention to the nudges of God to draw you close to His heart? It may be a song running through your mind, or a phrase from a Bible verse, or a pull to connect with someone you know who will be encouraging to your faith.

Where we focus we follow. When you’re driving and turn to see something on the side of the road, very quickly you are heading there and need to immediately adjust or you are off the road!

Keep heading toward the Lord in your focus today and you won’t find yourself in the ditch of worry or stress as you focus on Him as your Guide!

Oh Lord, You are my constant guide; my spirit receives from You all I need.You remind me to stop and rest; for You know I can only find true nourishment and fulfillment in being with You;? You lead me to drink of the refreshing water of Your Spirit.? There my mind and my emotions are quieted. I am lifted above the fray of countless details and concerns to find renewed strength and new joy as I re-focus on You. ?You lead me along the path that is right; the path that draws praise to You and to Your name.Yes, even when that path may take me through the valley of loss, I will have no fear of being devoured there or left to wander:?You, Lord are my constant companion. You protect me and care for me as You lead me through and ….. onward. ?Even as enemies like fear and worry, distraction or dread skirt around the path and lurk in the shadows, You prepare a feast for me; You invite me to sit and eat and enjoy as You watch defensively over me.?You lovingly pour protective, healing oil where I am vulnerable or hurt; my heart overflows as You tend to me. ?With You Lord, as my constant guide, I need never be dogged with unrest and stress. I can count on Your goodness and mercy to be at my heels every step of my way; As You lead me and as Your mercy and grace follow me I can rejoice that Your refreshing presence is my anchor both for today and forever! Thank you, Lord! Amen.

Take Action

How do you refocus as you feel God’s nudge? Is it walk in the calm of nature? Perhaps a visit with a friend who shares your faith? Music that washes the dust off your soul? Today pay attention where you focus and respond to God’s nudge to focus first on Him.

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