Hopelessness was a recurring theme throughout my adult life. The scourge and shame of my sex addiction, alcoholism, and abuse magnified it. And because I never felt worthy of being fully loved and accepted by others, suicide attempts became my solution to the ever-growing problems. Being successful in killing myself was my high hope.

So, why is it that the member of a royal family would even notice me and give hope through saving me? It's not like I had any ties to someone noble. But I found out it wasn't just any nobleman. It happened to be the noblest of kings from not only a royal family, but a divine one — King Jesus. He came as part of an oath and promise from God in order to redeem the hopeless.

We each have a preciousness that has drawn the attention of royalty — the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. It's royalty that came in the form of love made whole so that we could accept what our high priest, Jesus, died to give us. He had entered an inner sanctuary behind a curtain — something only a high priest could have ever done. Except Jesus was doing it all in an effort to bring me and you, who were hopeless, a strong and deeply-planted hope that is firm and secure. A door to open and walk through, leaving the hopelessness behind.

Let's make a point of embracing and sharing that hope with the many who are, sadly, dying to find it.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the hope you brought me, through Jesus, during a time in my life when I had none. Being loved and accepted by him has changed my world and life. I pray that others who are hurting would see the hope I have because of you and the rest of my royal family. I love you and it's in Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — What is your high hope? If it isn’t a relationship with Jesus, would you be willing to contact one our confidential, free online mentors to find out how you can have one? And if Jesus is your Hope, will you pray for God to lead you to someone who needs to know this, too?

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