Happy Mother’s Day!

Who are your heroes of the faith? Among mine are countless unknown unseen heroes called “Mother”.

When we consider motherhood with its daunting demands — from changing dirty diapers, to sleepless nights, to teenage tantrums, to praying for prodigals, and the list goes on — there are few callings that include such challenges. Especially in today’s society, it’s important to surround ourselves with examples of women who have remained faithful to the high calling of motherhood.

I think of a dear friend who spent sleepless hours comforting a grandchild with a high fever, so the mother could keep her infant daughter isolated.

I think of another dear friend who raised two adopted children alongside her biological children. It was impossible to identify which were which by the way they were loved.

I think of my own mother who spent her life raising a bunch of often rambunctious, rebellious, and ungrateful children, including me.

I think of a young woman in my church who, although God hasn’t brought her a husband, has chosen to be a foster parent and has taken on the role of a single mother.

I think of the countless precious grandmothers who are standing in the gap and raising their grandchildren in the mother’s absence.

I think of my two daughters who suffer from a devastating autoimmune disease. Yet, they push themselves beyond their physical limits to ensure their children have as normal a childhood as possible.

These are my heroes and today, on Mother’s Day, I say thank you.

Father, thank you for the heroes of faith that encourage us from Scripture. Thank you as well for the heroes of faith we are surrounded by in our everyday lives. May we be an example of a faithful follower of Christ whatever our calling in this life is, for your glory. Amen.

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