“Oh, God, help me. I need you. Please help me!” Seldom does a day go by that I don’t utter all or a combination of those words. Often I’m calling out to be saved from a distressing situation as a result of my focus falling from God and onto my own strength.

That’s when today’s verses become all too relevant. Reading through the Psalmist’s words feels like an excerpt from my diary has been stolen and is being shared with the world. Where my stress, desperation and struggles have been splashed across a stage before a captive audience.

I’m so glad that Asaph, the author of Psalm 77, wrote what he did. He was humble enough to admit his failures and challenges openly, laying his soul bare before the one who’s in the business of rescuing: the Lord God almighty.

At the height of Asaph's troubles, much like myself, he begins to wonder if God will help him out of the misery he finds himself in. In his dire situation, as much as Asaph calls out for relief, it doesn’t seem to come, or not as quickly as he wants. Also like me!

So, Asaph sinks deeper into despair, maybe believing that what has taken place is where he belongs and what he deserves. But then, quite suddenly, he pauses and has a thought (Psalm 77:7-12).

The psalmist then changes course and decides to focus on the faithfulness of his God. He remembers that no matter what was happening in those desperate moments, he has had times like that before and it was the Lord who brought him through.

Asaph’s reflection expands in the rest of the Psalm to give glory to his holy Redeemer, declaring the saving power of the Almighty. Through remembering, Asaph was being restored in the truth that as God had been faithful before, he would be faithful again. And so was I restored in remembering God’s faithfulness within my own life.

Life's demands and distractions can cause us to make a mountain out of a molehill when all we need to do is pause and think on the ways God has been faithful throughout our journey with him.

Once we take our eyes off of our circumstances and surrender them to the Lord, we too will be saved time and again by the most high God who performs great deeds and miracles in our lives. Don’t be afraid to cry out for his help.

Heavenly Father, sometimes I think you get tired of me asking for your help. Then I realize, that’s how my relationship with you is supposed to be. When I get overwhelmed with a problem, help me to remember times past when you always showed yourself faithful in rescuing me. Thank you for being my everything. I love you! In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Be present in remembering how God has been faithful in helping you through a crisis. Be specific in the details while verbalizing your praise and thanksgiving for his aid.

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Photo Credit: Sergey Shmidt