God created us for relationship. He made us to be dependent on each other. We were never meant to live life alone. Just as the different parts of a body are dependent on one another to work most efficiently, we need each other — especially during the most difficult times.

The Israelites were in a time of war against Amalek, and when Moses held up his hands, Israel prevailed, and when he let his hands down, Amalek prevailed. When Moses could no longer hold up his hands on his own, his friends came around him.

I have a friend who is currently battling breast cancer. Like all who have gone through times of despair where perseverance is vital, she is in great need for people to come around her and hold her up with encouragement and support.

To feel alone and abandoned while fighting your own internal war is an overwhelming and frightening feeling. Just as Moses had friends to surround him and help anchor him for the sake of victory, we are called to do the same for those around us who need to be lifted up.

And we should also be willing to ask others to lift us up when needed. There is a tendency to isolate ourselves during challenging periods in our lives. It is the enemy’s goal to make us believe that we are alone in our circumstances and that we don’t have anybody who will come along side us and “hold up our hands.” This is so we’ll lose hope. Remember, we were never meant to “go it alone.” It may be hard, but reach out so you, too can be held up in your battles, just like Moses and my friend.

Father God, thank you that I am not alone and for being my ultimate source of strength to endure what I am going through. Help me to be the kind of friend that people can lean on during their times of difficulty so they can feel your presence around them and have a sense of hope and victory in their situation. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Every one of us has someone in our life that is going through something where they need someone to come along side so they have assurance that they are not alone and can find hope. Find that person this week that you can encourage and be there for them. If you are that person and are feeling alone, take courage and ask your closest friends for help.

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