I was at a birthday party one day in the park and I remember being overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness even though I was surrounded by friends. As I started to walk thnrough the park back home, sadness overcame me. I wept so hard and finally broke down, telling God that I even wondered if he was with me. In that exact moment, I looked down and caught a glimpse of something shiny. I reached to grab it. It was a gold ring with a dove on it, the symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit. I turned it in to the park attenmdant, but the message couldn't have been clearer. God cared.

God communicates in many different ways. He communicates through the Bible, a still small voice, a feeling in our spirit, other people, and even through signs and wonders. Are we listening?

The question is not whether God wants his people to hear him or whether he even speaks to his people, but whether we are listening to him. God desires that we would know his thoughts towards us, just like He made it known to me that day that he was with me.

The Word of God says that when we invite Jesus into our lives his Spirit comes to live inside of us to guide us into truth and his ways. We need to be willing to listen to him, even if the response hurts or even if he asks us to do something that is difficult. And we need to be obedient to him, knowing he cares and is always there.

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, so I may know you and hear what you have to say to me. I desire to do what you have called me to do in your strength so that your will would be accomplished in my life. Amen.

Go Deeper — Ask God to open your heart to hear what he has to say to you this week in an area of your life that you’ve been struggling in. Be open to hearing what he has to say to you and how he shows you. It might be in a different way than you expect.

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Photo Credit: Robson Hatsukami Morgan