What do you need God to save you from today? Has someone treated you unkindly or disrespected you? Is there an illness or physical limitation that is threatening your well being? Do you feel unsafe and unprotected from a world that is increasingly scary?

Isaiah gives us a picture of a God who is strong, invincible and able to conquer any enemies you or I might have in our lives! He is the champion of the helpless, the avenger of all wrongs, a Savior for all of mankind!

The nation of Israel needed a God like this, and they experienced his salvation through the birth of Jesus, the Messiah. Jesus conquered death, sin and evil, and freed those imprisoned from a slavery that had held all of mankind since Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. Christ’s coming was a fulfillment of prophecy made in the time of Isaiah which promised a coming reconciliation and wholeness that could be restored in the lives of God’s people who had suffered the effects of sin for so long!

Do you believe that your God will come to save you, no matter what you are going through? Perhaps just knowing that Christ has done what was necessary on the cross to free you from sin will be what you need to be reminded of today. No matter what you or I may fear, God is bigger than any enemy that we may face.

Father God, please come and save me today from…(fill in with whatever comes to your mind, letting go of fear. Breathe in the fresh air of faith, believing that God will do what he has promised!)

Throughout the Day: When you become fearful, remind yourself that God is always waiting to “come and save you.” Determine in your heart to let him do that in your life.

Here is a song that reinforces the truth from today’s Scripture:

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Photo Credit: Kayla Gibson on Unsplash