Confidence can be dangerous. During the challenging and overwhelming circumstances we encounter, it can lead to arrogance and pride, and also deaden our intrinsic need to rely on and trust in God. That can thrust us into a scenario we are completely unprepared to face. Such was not the case with David.

While tending sheep, David had been experiencing the sovereign power of, and an intimate relationship with, his Lord. This season of encountering God's faithfulness and protection fortified David’s faith and prepared him for what lay ahead — facing the mammoth Philistine named Goliath.

David was so confident of his God's providential prowess, he declared it out loud in the verse above, thus believing he would be successful over the towering giant who challenged the Israelite camp. David’s faith in action enabled him to kill Goliath with a single, smooth stone to the forehead, and to acknowledge that it was God who deserved the glory.

I never had the confidence to take on things that scared me until I came into a relationship with God. It was only then that, through my experience of and encouragement from God, I was able to take on whatever life threw at me. Time and again, those victories have brought me to a place of humility. Because I recognize my need for God’s help, I can live out a faith that’s evident to others.

You can have this right kind of confidence, too. Draw near, rely on His power, and dispel your fears.

Heavenly Father, I can't begin to count the times when I was afraid to try something, but it was you who gave me the credence to go forward in faith and tackle the scariest of things. May my faith continue to be active, no matter what I encounter, and my confidence be firmly rooted in you. It's in Jesus' name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Have you ever taken glory for your own confidence in a situation when it was God who was central in the victory? Take to heart and meditate on the words of David, making them your own as you continue to live a life of active faith.

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Photo Credit: Patrick Fore