Forgiveness is not a feeling.

"Even though you planned evil against me, God planned good to come out of it. This was to keep many people alive, as he is doing now." Genesis 50:20 (GW)   

Joseph was a dreamer. In his dreams he saw himself in a position of authority. Pay attention to the route the Lord allowed Joseph to travel to get to his place of purpose; the pit, the prison, and then the palace. The Lord used the challenges Joseph faced to mold him for greatness. Joseph had to humble himself and wait on God's timing. He also had to forgive his brothers as we saw in Genesis 50:20. He discovered what they did was only a part of the Lord’s greater plan.

This should encourage us today.  No matter what we may have encountered along our journey, it helps to know that the Lord has purpose in our pain.  He desires that we learn to forgive and release those that hurt us.  We must learn to trust that the Lord will not allow any of our experiences to be wasted. He will take the broken pieces and create a glorious masterpiece if we allow Him to heal our hearts.

Many of us are still bound because we have not fully forgiven others or ourselves. It is time to move forward. Make a decision today that you will no longer walk in bitterness, anger, or defeat. Make a choice now to forgive. Forgiveness frees you. It does not give the offender permission to hurt you again. It brings you to a place of freedom within. The choice is yours.

Father, grant us the grace to move forward just as Joseph did. We recognize how much pain and turmoil our decision to hold on to the past has caused us. We are aware of the joy it has stolen from us daily. We recognize that holding on to unforgiveness will only hinder us from seeing Your best plan for our lives. We want to be free Lord. Teach us to rest in Your peace as we allow You to heal our hearts. In Jesus' name Amen.

Take Action

Make a list today of anyone that you are still holding unforgiveness towards then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to forgive.

How has the Lord used the pain of your life to work out for your good?

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