The scars tell the tale of God's redeeming love. The self-giving Love offered his life as payment for the sins of the world. The suffering, sadness, mockery, and separation were the freely paid price for our salvation. All of it was paid for by Jesus! God's plan of redemption was in place from the start, reconciling humanity to God through the blood of Jesus. The preceding verses create a dreadful image of the suffering servant's ordeal at the hands of men that carried out the Father's goal of saving humanity.

Was it all in vain? Certainly not! His death atoned for our sins - he justified us and we are now counted righteous as a result of our faith in Jesus Christ and the completed work on the cross.

It's a terrific feeling when we, as humans, have toiled and worked hard and are rewarded with the opportunity to see our efforts bear fruit. Imagine Jesus, triumphant over sin and death, beaming in front of a crowd of people who have trusted in his finished work on the cross. Jesus will be satisfied, according to the Bible. It brings him tremendous joy to know that as a result of his suffering on the cross, countless people have come to know, embrace, and live out the truth.

What I love most is that Christ's sacrifice will make it possible for many to be made righteous. It is not their works that saves them but the acceptance of his finished work at the cross. We can all be partakers of this glorious inheritance if we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Would you want to put a smile on Jesus’s face? Accept his sacrifice at the cross and embrace this life that he has given in exchange for our sins.

Jesus, thank you for bearing my sins on the cross and allowing me to be declared righteous as a result. Help me, by your Holy Spirit, to always bring you joy through my devotion to you. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Prayerfully reflect on Isaiah chapter 53. Consider your personal response to Christ’s life, death and resurrection. If you have questions, one of our mentors would love to connect with you through our free, confidential email service. Just fill out the form below.

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Photo Credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash