Sally had a bad night. When she wakes up, it’s late. Sally dislikes rushing. Since she has an appointment this morning, she can already feel the tension rising as she hustles to get out of the door.

She says, “I’m always late. I’m hopeless.” If she keeps repeating how late and hopeless she is, it will affect her mood, her day, and maybe her future. She will believe what she hears herself say.

What if Sally says, “I want to be on time” instead? It may not move the clock back, but it may motivate her to hurry up and not be late again. That might help her have a better day.

Sally has a choice to make. She can open her mouth and say something positive or negative. Sally doesn’t need to deny that she got up late, but she can place a spiritual guard over her mouth to protect her soul. It will prevent anxiety from sinking into her soul. Sally gets to have a good day or a bad one depending on her perspective.

Likewise, you and I get to choose what words to use to describe our lives. Be intentional with your words. Speak God’s promises, found in Scripture, over your life. Mine are, “I want the key to avoiding a troubled soul. I want an abundant life.”

If you and I speak truth from the Word of God over our lives, we’ll eventually believe it. We’ll feel stronger, we’ll have more faith, and we will thrive instead of just survive.

Father God, give me grace to speak the right words by speaking truth from your Word in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you have highlighted or underlined verses in your Bible, choose one to claim today. Or pick a topic that is important to you right now and find verses that relate to it in a concordance (some study Bibles have them in the index). Choose to memorize as many of these verses as you want.

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