Up until twelve years ago, I never had peace. I didn’t know what it was and never thought it was mine to have. From a very young age, peace eluded me.

My childhood abuse had stripped away all calmness and reassurance. There was only distress and fear, while waiting for the next bad thing to happen in my life. At times, I still anticipate the worst is to come.

However, now that I know God and have experienced his perfect and transformational love in my life, I can turn away from those bad thoughts and false dread, and dive deep into one of his greatest promises to me — peace.

Today, I am most grateful for the bond of God’s peace to all his children. During some of the most turbulent times in my Christian life, it’s been peace that has seen me through — an anchor that keeps me steadied against the unforeseen and heartbreaking circumstances that happen.

It’s often during the harshest of situations that I am the most baffled. How could peace even exist in my hurting heart? But in a split second, my Lord reminds me that while the seas I’m on are catastrophic, he’ll faithfully provide a bulldozer-like persistence of peace and confidence for me. That alone is incredible to me and I never want to do without it!

There’s no argument against, or denying of, today’s awesome promise from God. Peace can be ours in abundance, so take hold of it and let it rule in your life.

Faithful Lord, thank you for the amazing promise of peace. I would be a train wreck without it. Help me to hold fast to peace when things get turned upside down and I become anxious and filled with dread. Give me the confidence to live a peace-filled life, no matter what. I love you, Father and I pray this prayer in the power of your son Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Photo Credit: Elena Blessing