“Therefore anyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” Matthew 7:24

Ask any architect and they'll tell you: the foundation of the house is what makes it last. All the trimmings, trappings, wall frames and front yard garden gnomes will come and go. But the rock that the building is built on endures. Perhaps the reason that it endures is because so much time and effort is put into making it secure.

Jesus spent 30 years of his life preparing for a 3-year ministry that changed human history forever. This year, do not be afraid to take it slow. Jesus endured so much in His ministry and sacrifice because He spent decades simply growing in his relationship with the Father. This may be a season of pruning in which God is preparing you for greater fruitfulness. See preparation for the worth it has, and then pursue God in it.

Often our relationship with the Lord is like a front lawn—pretty to look at, but having no strength against the elements. Cold stunts growth and heat withers. In reality, the best way to keep growing is to build our relationships with Him on a rock, and that foundation is obeying Christ and His word.

Recently I had the opportunity to crawl around beneath a church, and believe me, foundations are nothing to look at. No one drives by a building and says “My, what a beautiful foundation.” No one notices or cares—but the opinions of others don’t matter. If the foundation wasn’t there, nothing else would be.

So this year, be firm. Make sure your foundation in Christ is secure, and allow Him to build in you whatever He wants and however He plans. What spiritual habits would keep your foundation firm this year?

Dear Father, please give me patience. Help me to trust You as You build me brick by brick, and help me to obey Your every word. Thank You for Jesus and what He has done and is doing in us. In His glorious and wonderful Name, amen.

Take Action

Think of a command of God that you have trouble putting into practice. Then pray that the Lord will help you to reestablish that section of foundation in your life. Then make a plan for how you will practically obey Him in that area.

What has God been teaching you these days? Share a comment below to encourage others. 

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