You can smell the turkey roasting in the oven, Christmas music is playing, and the gifts are under the tree. remember that Mr. Grinch will be arriving soon. Some of your zest for the day has just plummeted. ‘Mr. Grinch’ can be anyone that talks negatively, controls the group, and puts a damper on things. Past memories of this person may bring pain, or you may feel uncomfortable being around them; their personality may grate you the wrong way.

2 Peter gives us help that is like a domino effect. Our personal faith in The Messiah, born in a crude stable, gives us the resources to deal with all the grinches this Christmas. Our first Domino starts with our Faith which then leads to goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection and finally love.

We can’t do this alone. The birth of our saviour can only make this possible. Allow yourself to see this person through Jesus’ eyes. It is only through your prayers for guidance that Jesus can help you love this person. Jesus doesn’t expect us to accept their behavior, but He does want us to show His love to them. Your actions will speak loud and clear to that person this Christmas. God wants to give you the gift of healing in that relationship. He wants you to pass on His love to that person in your attitude and actions. What would that practically look like this Christmas season?

Jesus our Messiah, thank You for giving us Your sacrificial love. Help us as we celebrate the reason for the season and encounter grinches. It is only You that can help us to love these people. Guide us in our attitudes and actions. Thank You for giving us life because of Your birth. Amen.

Take Action

Begin praying for your heart to beat with the love of Jesus so you can truly love the Mr. Grinches in your life. If someone difficult comes to mind, ask God to bless his or her day. Ask the Lord to help you change the way you see frustrating people.

See others through the eyes of Jesus.

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