Complaining is the easy way. Gratitude is the mature way.

Think about the most spiritually mature person you know. Most likely, they have an attitude of gratitude. Even though they may be going through hard times, they are grateful for something.

It is so easy for me to complain when I find myself in the middle of difficult circumstances. Even little annoyances can send me off to “vent” to a friend or co-worker. But when I stop and think about all that is going well in my day, it makes things better. It helps to think about all that God has promised me, including the fact that He is with me.

When I get frustrated by something at work, I can be grateful that God has given me a job. I can be grateful for the people around me for whom I can pray. When I have to pay my bills and there’s very little left over, I can be grateful that God has provided all that I need. When that driver cuts me off and I have to slam on my brakes, I can remember that I, too, can get distracted. I can thank God that He guided my attention and protected me.

Our attitude is always a choice. The best choice is to stop, reflect, and be grateful for all that God has given us. And, as believers, we can help each other grow in gratefulness.

Lord, help me be more grateful. Help me to see the areas in my life where you have blessed me, instead of seeing the problems. Amen.

Go Deeper — If gratitude is a quality you would like to cultivate, start a gratitude journal. Write down five things every day for which you are grateful. As time goes on, you might have a hard time limiting it to five.

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Photo Credit: Kenan Kitchen