“You're a horrible mother. Your baby boy deserves better.” The barrage of guilt and shame-ladened accusations in my head never left. The insecurities and failings born from my postpartum depression as a first-time mother were debilitating, bringing on uncontrollable sobbing and panic attacks. My weaknesses were outnumbering my strengths. I was sinking fast.

I wasn't a Christian back then when I was clawing to survive each painful day. Yet, there was an innate desire deep inside me that kept fighting to be the best mother I could be, always ensuring my son was safe and well cared for. Maybe that desire was coming from God without my realizing it.

Now that I am a Christian, I can reflect on those years and acknowledge it had to be the Lord's power giving me strength to get through each devastating day. It was his outpouring of grace through family support and medical intervention that prevented my mental and emotional implosion, even though I felt I never deserved it.

God's grace for us is sufficient, as today's verse states. That means it's more than enough to pummel the lies we tell ourselves, while showing grace to those who might repeat the lies without understanding our battle.

As followers of Christ, we can tap into the supernatural power that comes from grace, even in weakness. No matter how much we believe we don't deserve God's sufficient grace, he faithfully gives it to those who believe.

Receive, embrace, and share it with others going through difficulty.

Heavenly Father, you have done so much for me even when I didn't realize or acknowledge it. I love you and thank you for faithfully extending your sufficient grace to me even though I was undeserving of it. Give me the desire to extend grace to others no matter what they are going through so that they would see you in me. In Jesus' precious and holy name I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write down the negative things you hear about yourself in your mind. Now crumple that sheet of paper up and throw it away. Ask God to help you defeat those thoughts and crumple them each time they try to seep into your brain.

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