Have you ever been taken out of a task? I have. It’s happened to most people, even to high achievers and kids. It hurts, and it feels like your effort is wasted, right? It can even make you feel like giving up.


It’s not always a human dealing with you. It depends on what you’re facing. Sometimes, you're doing it to yourself. Other times, there may be a spiritual enemy on the scene.

It’s good for us to remind ourselves that we don’t have one task to do, we have many — small or big ones. The question is, how does the task you’re doing fit in with the big picture of God's plan?

Here, Paul shows us how he works diligently towards his goal. He doesn’t clearly explain what that goal is. But Paul felt he had not yet arrived and still needed to press on till the end.

Whether you reached your goals or you didn’t last year, you have a new opportunity today. Let go of what happened in your past, good or bad.

Did you hear that? Leave it behind. “I’m pressing forward,” is the motto.

No matter what worked out well or didn’t, don’t permit that past to hold you back. God has not limited his purpose for your life to one task, one workplace, or one group of people.

Grab hold of the opportunity that is ahead of you.

Dear God, help me to leave the past behind whether it’s success or failure. Give me eyes to see what you’ve planned to do in my life and in others through me. Help me be who you’ve called me to be and to impact others positively by your grace.

Throughout This Day: Invite the Spirit to show you his goals for you today and obey his leadership, trusting that he is giving you all the resources you need to accomplish the goal.

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Photo Credit: Jason Abdilla on Unsplash