“And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:9

Decades ago, Amy Grant recorded a song which talks about having her Father’s eyes. By it she meant seeing the world, and other people, as God sees them. The one phrase that is repeated over and over again in the creation story of Genesis is that God declared his creation as good.

As a child of God, formed in His own likeness, do you view the world that way? It is hard when the evening news and social media bombards us with the evil happenings in our homeland and elsewhere in the world. Horrific mass shootings, sex slavery, religious persecution and the bombing of fellow humans fill our newspapers, magazines and Facebook newsfeeds.

Yet, Paul states in Romans that God can purpose good from evil. In the midst of tragedies, humans seem to suddenly be at their best. For the USA, 9/12 (the day after the World Trade Center and Pennsylvania field tragedies) will be depicted in history as one of its finest hours.

The same is true in the aftermath of any unfathomable event, from natural disasters to senseless human wrath. People, who rarely pray, get down on their knees. Charities spring forward, laden with donations. Neighbors, who barely nodded hello before, now embrace. The faithful find strength through prayer circles. Witnesses give accounts of miraculous signs and wonders amidst the devastation.

And, God looks on with joy as He views those He created as good in His image.

Heavenly Father, You created us as good. However, through sin, we have turned so much into evil. Help us to still seek the good, a sign You are near, and view the world through Your omnipotent, mercy-filled eyes. We pray this through Jesus, Your Son whose death makes that possible. Amen.

Take Action

The next time you see a tragedy, ask God to reveal His goodness in its midst. Then, share that through social media, because most likely the news reporters will not.

What do you see as people pass you by?