Good morning, Father. I am so glad that I’m your child today. You’re in heaven, but you are near, too. I want to walk with you all day long.

Many people down here are angry today. They shout insults and call each other names. It’s hard to watch. But as for me, I bless your great name. In my heart, and in my small corner of the world, I lift it high.

Throughout the whole creation your will is being done today. I want to do your will, too, right here. Help me make your kingdom more full, beautiful, and strong.

To be honest, some days I charge into life without thinking about you very much. I don’t want to do that today. The truth is I need your help desperately, so help me walk in awareness of your presence.

Father, please forgive me, because I’ve messed up more often than I want to admit. And I’ve seen lack of forgiveness, too. It’s ugly and painful. So help me to be a person who forgives.

Sometimes I want to do things that are not good for me. The temptations can be really tough. Keep me thinking clearly and walking straight ahead. Keep me safe from harm today, and especially from spiritual dangers that could hurt my soul.

Tonight, I’ll put my head on the pillow again. Watch over me in the hours of darkness, and bring me rested to a new day. Bless you, Father. Thank you!

This devotional is a prayer. Speak it to God in your own way.

Go Deeper — Write your own version of the Lord ’s Prayer. It takes some thought, but it’s a great way to learn more about what Jesus was trying to teach us.

For more help with praying, read My Prayer for Today. 

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Photo Credit: Vincent Guth