Wouldn’t it be easy if we only had to forgive things we found ‘forgivable’? But what often happens is that we have to push past the hurt and pain we’ve suffered to forgive someone.

We live in a world that romanticizes love to the point where we forget that in relationships, there will be times when our trust will be violated. We will inevitable be betrayed to some extent. Our hearts will be broken by those who profess love for us.

ove in its truest, purest state is best exemplified when we can look past what we might consider ‘unforgivable’ offenses and grace others with the same forgiveness God extends to us. In our most unforgiveable state, Christ, in the greatest love story ever told, taught us that love has absolutely nothing to do with warm fuzzies and red hearts.

God’s great love for us is what drove Him to Calvary where He proved how much He loved us, taking on all of our sins and shortcomings and allowing Himself to be nailed to a cross. Christ forgives us because He loves us. As His representatives we are called to do the same.

Lord, as we choose to walk in love each day, help us forgive people just as You have done for us. Amen.

Take Action

Are you holding a grudge or grievance against someone? Even if you have to wrestle through it in prayer, make sure to extend forgiveness. Then pray about how you could demonstrate forgiveness to that person in a practical way.

Become sure you're forgiven beyond a doubt.

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