Even Christmas becomes routine.

There’s the scramble to buy gifts. (Phew! Got that done.) Christmas parties, office and personal. (Office party was OK this year. Neighbor’s party wasn’t.) The Christmas Eve service will be nice. (If the pastor doesn’t talk too long.) The family dinner will be good. (Unless Uncle Frank comes and gets into an argument like last year.)

Things to do. Places to go. Your pattern may be different, but you have one. And somewhere in the midst of the busyness, the real joy of Christmas becomes distant. So, consider for just a moment the wise men from the east. When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. Why? A careful reading tells the reason.

They had seen it originally at the start of their journey. It signified to them that a king of the Jews had been born. They travelled to Jerusalem, but when they got there no one had heard of him. No one! The city, Matthew tells us, was troubled.

Herod, who was the king, asked the scholars where the Messiah would be born and was told the scriptures said Bethlehem. He sent them there. And then they saw it again. The star. Guiding them to the very house where Jesus was. They rejoiced with exceeding joy. God was inviting them to come and worship.

Today, yes, even today, there is no need for a star. We know the story. Jesus is waiting. God invites you to meet Him.

I rejoice in your invitation, Lord. Help me to go deeper and stay longer on that road to Bethlehem! Amen.

Go Deeper ― Stop for a minute and think of those wise men, and the moment on the road to Bethlehem that the star appeared. Imagine their joy, and step into that moment yourself.

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Photo Credit: Grant Ritchie