We most often read this verse at Christmas time or when we are reflecting on the names of God, but what about now? How does the fact that God is with me change how I live my life every day?

As believers we are too often apt to live our lives in a vacuum, forgetting that not only is God always with us, but he is always aware of absolutely everything that we are going through. There are no mistakes, nothing forgotten, nothing missed. In God’s economy, nothing is ever wasted.

If that’s true, then my response needs to change as well. Instead of complaining, grumbling, and wishing things would change, I need to thank him for his presence, for his grace and for the fact that he is with me in every situation. He is never surprised, and when I am, I just need to remember that!

Heavenly Father, it’s so easy for me to live each day as if I am doing it alone, and forget that you are always here with me. Help me to allow you to come into my present situation and make a difference today and every day. Amen.

Today's Challenge: How does Immanuel, God with us, impact your life today? Have you forgotten that He is always there and there is nothing that escapes his notice? Commit all of this to him today and ask him to daily make a difference in your life.

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