“Social distancing day three,” I wrote in my journal. “I’m so lonely, I keep biting off everyone’s heads, and I can’t handle being stuck on top of my family for this long.” Life is crazy right now for much of the world. Crazier than usual, that is.

This month, we’re talking about mission, but as Christians, how are we supposed to live out our mission with COVID-19 going on? How are we supposed to love and serve people when we’re stuck at home? How are we supposed to do our part as a member of the body of Christ when everything is canceled?

Serving doesn’t have to stop because we’re stuck at home. Think of Paul in the Bible! He spent years in prison and under house arrest, but his mission didn’t stop because he was chained. So what did Paul do? Four things. He worshipped. He prayed. He wrote letters. And he preached the gospel to those stuck guarding him.

Can’t we do those things, too? What we normally do may not yet be possible, but we serve a God of endless possibilities. We just need to be creative!

We may be under our own forms of “house arrest” due to COVID-19, but guess what? Like Paul, our mission isn’t over. There are so many ways we can serve God and others while quarantined. The Word of God is not bound!

Lord Jesus, thank you that you never leave me and that you are with me when no one else is. Help me to use my time well to glorify you and serve those around me. In your name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Look at the four things Paul did and find creative ways to do them.

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Photo Credit: Bernard Hermant