What would you do if a "blank cheque" was presented to you? I'm sure you'd be grinning just thinking about it, right? God has given us a similar chance in prayer, which we can refer to as God's Blank Cheque. We have access to all of God's blessings when we pray.

I've discovered and continue to use the secret of prayer. When I was a little girl, I remember my mother telling me about this passage of Scripture. Of course, it made little sense to me at the time, but I've used this instrument on occasion as the Lord has graciously taught me by his Holy Spirit through the years.

My children had just fallen ill, and the hospital visits had taken their toll on me. I remember seeing my children, who are usually full of life, lying helpless. With tears streaming down my face, I pleaded to God. I couldn't help but offer them up to God again since this passage was so alive in my spirit. I spoke a prayer of faith and anointed my children with oil. The respite wasn't immediate, but God heard my request, and within a few days, the noise in my house was louder than the vehicles outside.

God has given us the ability to communicate with him through prayer, and I am glad for that. He tells us to pray constantly, with various types of prayer — prayer, supplication, intercession, thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6). Of course, one of a believer's main priorities should be his or her prayer life. It is our mooring; it keeps us afloat and keeps us from sinking beneath the weights and loads we carry.

We are also encouraged to pray for others. Lift them up before God's throne room, and God will respond through your intercession. As we connect with the Father in prayer, the Holy Spirit assists and empowers us all. We may not always have the opportunity to pray in our favorite spot, but let us tune in to the heavenly frequency and connect with our God wherever we are. We may not physically withdraw, but we pray in the privacy of our spirit in our offices, on the streets, and in restaurants. Let us always strive to live a prayerful lifestyle and instill it in our children and grandchildren. Our ultimate goal should be to be in his presence at all times.

Let us seize this chance; our loving Father is always willing and ready to hear our petitions. Now is the perfect opportunity to give prayer a try!

Heavenly Father, I've come to you today because I'm grateful that you listen to prayers. I ask that you, through your Holy Spirit, would strengthen me at the place of prayer so that I can rise in this new strength and trust you to answer my prayers. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Create a prayer-friendly environment. Keep your thoughts focused on Jesus Christ, and trust him to strengthen you and guide you through the Holy Spirit as you speak with him in various ways.

Tags: Ephesians 6 Daily Devotional
Photo Credit: Thanhy Nguyen on Unsplash