After several days of torrential rain, a break in the clouds propelled us to get out and take a walk. Parts of the path were flooded — a visual reminder of the past year, which at times was overwhelming and seemed totally out of control. We were headed one way but suddenly our plans were changed.

In the midst of the flooding, we just had to stop and be amazed at the beauty of the wood ducks swimming where the path was supposed to be. As I pondered God’s incredible attention to detail in creating these beautiful birds, I was in awe of his handiwork.

Each feather had to be in the exact right place to make the designs and colours perfect. The lines were distinct, not blurred or running together. The same was true of the colours, so vibrant and vivid. The green feathers were with the green, the white with the white, and so on, exactly according to plan.

I couldn’t help but be thankful that God’s attention to detail also extends to every part of my life as well. He isn’t just concerned with the broad strokes of my life, but he is watching over the smallest details. If he not only feeds the birds, but also makes sure that the colours and lines on a tiny duck are exact and meticulous, how much more so does he watch over me and the details of my life?

How are you doing with trusting that God is in the details of your life? Are you lying awake at night trying to figure out how it is all going to work out? Are you sweating the small stuff and feeling overwhelmed by it all?

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you that you aren’t just concerned with the big things in my life, but with the smallest details as well. Just as you created the birds with each feather in place to make the beautiful designs, you also feed them and take care of them. Help me to trust you to also take care of each detail of my life today. Amen.

Throughout this Day: What details of your life have you been worried about? When thoughts of those things threaten to overwhelm you today, remind yourself of this verse. God’s got this!

Tags: Daily Devotional Matthew 6
Photo Credit: Doris Beck