“If we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.” 2 Timothy 2:13

I recently told someone who worried about being irresponsible, “You couldn’t be irresponsible if you tried. It’s just not in your DNA.”  The same could be said of God’s faithfulness. The limitless, unfathomable Creator of the universe could not be unfaithful if he tried. Our trust in Him ultimately rests on the extent to which we believe that irrevocable fact: God is faithful.

We almost miss it. Yet without the faithfulness of God we wouldn’t last an hour. His favor toward us does not depend on our actions. He doesn’t love us one day and spite us the next because of our failures. When we suffer the consequences of our poor decisions, it’s because of His faithfulness, not in spite of it that we come face-to-face with our human nature and have opportunity to repent. No matter what, God remains true to himself. Count on it. Especially when circumstances seem to contradict His nature.

As we grow to lean fully on the character of God, an amazing transformation of our own nature takes place. Jesus said those who are faithful in little would prove to be faithful in much. A thread runs through all we do and that thread is who we are. When we carry out our small assignments with faithfulness, our capacity for greater faithfulness actually increases.

So don’t overlook the small stuff. Wouldn’t you like for God’s nature to be so engraved in your heart that it would be said of you…you couldn’t be unfaithful if you tried?

Lord God, thank you that you are and always will be who you say you are. We’re banking on it. Amen.

Take Action

Read books that talk about God’s character with the awareness that those are the attributes he wants to engrave in your character. Virgin Snow by Becky Toews and The Holy Wild by Mark Buchanan are two places to start.

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