This is one of the most sobering passages in the whole Bible. The second half of Romans 1 describes the downward spiral into darkness experienced by those who “exchange the truth about God” for anything less than Him.

But is this true? Do people who reject God really worship images? Does God really, eventually, “give them up”? Throughout Scripture, God is characterized as patient and longsuffering, calling sinners and wooing them to His love.

To answer this question, one only needs to peruse the daily newspaper. What day goes by without a report of the latest high school teacher, coach, next door neighbor, church leader, or celebrity being accused of abusing someone? How does it start?

For most, it is an “innocent” look at a “girlie magazine” early in life. But it doesn’t stop there. It truly does, for many people, become a downward spiral into darkness.

Sometimes, when the heart has become so hard in its rejection of God, He gives it up. And the consequences, according to Romans 1, are inexpressible.

Are you tempted by the darkness? We all are in one way or another. But we don’t need to step into that vortex of sin, exchanging the pure Light and Love of God for the utter darkness of that downward spiral.

Jesus came to set us free! Ask Him to save you today from those things that tempt you. He will, if you will only ask, and believe.

Lord Jesus, thank you that you gave your life to set me free from sin and death —– to keep me from the spiral of darkness. Thank you that because you redeemed me, I can walk in your light and love for the rest of my life. Amen.

Go Deeper — Sometime in the near future, fill a sink or tub with water, then pull the plug. Watch it swirl and spiral down the drain. Is sin doing that to you? Ask Jesus to rescue you from spiraling into the darkness.

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Photo Credit: Jace Grandinetti