Recently a fire swept through a large apartment complex in our city, and sixty families lost homes. We learned that the son of a friend had lived there with his wife and two small children. The son was early in his career as a university professor, and the fire destroyed his library and laptop — right in the middle of a busy semester.

Soon a call went out online to “help the kids” who had “lost everything”. The target was set for $10,000 and within days, donors doubled that. The family had lost furniture, appliances, clothing, and toys, but the gifts they received would eventually replace these things and more.

I suspect they were thankful since they had no content insurance.

David’s praise to God captures a similar theme. When Israel was in the pit, diseased and sinful, God had their back. He provided them with benefits, healed them, met their desires, and forgave them.

Are we not like the couple in need of kindness and grace from strangers, and redemption and love from God? A lot of us are living with no insurance so to speak, experiencing disaster, and losing it all. How wonderful that God and friends surround us with their love and forgiveness, and sometimes even provide us with financial help we do not deserve.

It gives reason to pause. Are our hearts full of praise to God for his gift of salvation and providing grace? How have we . . . how can we . . . be giving and forgiving of others, even if undeserving?

Dear God, we praise for your loving kindness toward us from the pit we have dug for ourselves or have suffered from misfortune. Thank you for having our back with your love and compassion to buy us back. May we be willing to show the same redeeming actions toward people in our lives._

Throughout This Day: Thank God for his provision of all we need for both life and godliness. Celebrate his lovingkindness, his generosity, and his grace!

Tags: Daily Devotional Psalm 103
Photo Credit: Blake Wisz on Unsplash