I love pirate stories. The one thing I love about pirates is they have no concept of ableism. Oh, you don’t have a leg? Use this peg leg. No hand? No worries, this hook will take care of that. Blind in one eye? Here’s a patch for you. What’s that you say, you are deaf? Go man the cannon you glorious pirate. They don’t mind if you have a limitation; they can still use you.

God has done this over and over again in Scripture. Oh, you have a stutter, Moses? Don’t worry, we got you. David, is that sword and shield too heavy? We will take care of that. What’s the rule you say? Unmarried virgin, no worries, we need you to give birth to the Son of Man. You, reading this devotion, there is something you have convinced yourself is wrong with you, and it is holding you back from achieving everything that God has for you.

Get you some friends who will treat you like a pirate and not worry about your limits. Fear, doubt, uncertainty, physical, mental, and spiritual failures–who cares! God can still use you. He wants to use you. All God wants is all you got. Don’t measure yourself against others. Press on towards the mark. Look to Jesus for your validation, and there is no way you can go wrong.

Dear God and heavenly Father. Thank you for showing me that no matter the limitations I put on myself, there is something far greater you have in store for me. Help me to see how big you are instead of focusing on what is wrong with me. Help me to help others see that you can use all of us for your glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Throughout This Day: Ask God to reveal to you areas in your life where you have convinced yourself that you are inadequate, then ask God to help you do something new for his kingdom that you wouldn’t have otherwise done because of your perceived inadequacies.

Tags: Daily Devotional Isaiah 6
Photo Credit: Markus Freise on Unsplash