People often say, “I feel so inadequate.” They are surprised when my response is, “That’s a reasonable feeling and it is most likely true.”

When we think of being involved in ministry and responding to the opportunities or assignments that are presented to us by God, we should have healthy feelings of inadequacy. In fact, Jesus understood this fully. That’s why he told his followers that he was leaving but it would be good because he was sending his Spirit to dwell in them to provide all the resources for what he would ask them to do. Every talent or ability we have, no matter how outstanding, falls short of God’s. He’s better at everything than we are!

What an amazing journey Moses made from the burning bush to the shores of the Red Sea. I’m not thinking as much about the physical journey as the journey of heart transformation in Moses. Moses stood at the burning bush questioning God’s selection of him to lead the people out of captivity. In fact, he told God to pick someone else. Yet Moses took steps forward, trusting God and seeing God’s faithfulness and power.

Today, picture Moses standing on the edge of the Red Sea along with all of the people, who are afraid and feel trapped. The sea is in front of them and the chariot army of Egypt behind them. They are not happy and are already blaming Moses. Yet Moses says, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.” (Exodus 14:13) You see, what Moses learned between the burning bush and the Red Sea was, “I can’t but God can. Watch and see what God will do!”

Thought for the Day: Feelings of inadequacy are an invitation to embrace God’s adequacy!

Prayer: Father, thank you for my feelings of inadequacy; they remind me that I AM inadequate in so many ways. I need your presence and power in each area of my life. I can’t but you can. I will trust you and watch what you will do! Amen

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Photo Credit: Derek Thomson on Unsplash