“You Lord God, are my mighty rock and my fortress. Lead me and guide me, so that your name will be honored.” Psalm 31:3 (CEV)

I thought I had life pretty much figured out. Being a “list person”, I had written out plans, goals and weekly duties. Then life hit me sideways. Now what? All my lists and goals were left in black and white. By faith, I had to tightly hold on to God’s hand and let Him led me in the path I should go. If I had tried to do it on my own, life could have been a mess.

There is nothing wrong with lists, goals, or plans. From the beginning of time, God was the Creator of plans. When pride says we can do it on our own, we underestimate the power of God. However, if we let Him orchestrate our journey, He does it beautifully. God knows what He is doing. I can testify to this because He has done that for me. 

King David lost sight of God’s direction many times. In the Psalm above, he understood that he needed the Lord God to be His Guide. David recognized who God was and in turn, desired to honor Him in the way he lived.

We can join King David with the assurance we have all the resources to let God be our Guide. Each and every day, as we surrender and ask Him to take our written goals, plans and to-do lists, God will do amazing things. 

Are you letting God lead you? Does your life honor God in all your life plans?

Lord God, we need your direction to guide us in the right path of life. So often we try and do things on our own. Lead us and guide us and we will give You the praise. Thank you that you love to help us during our time here on earth. We need your direction. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Take Action

Put pen to paper and start writing down your goals and plans. Include things that you want to do today, this week, or even in the next year. Then take some time to look at what you’ve written and ask yourself if they are God-honoring.

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