“I woke up in the middle of the night and felt compelled to pray for you. We have not talked in a long time but I felt God was asking me to pray because you are in a very difficult time personally and organizationally. I prayed that you would be assured of God's presence and guidance.”

I received this email in the middle of a team meeting. I was the national director of a Christian ministry. The issues were totally confidential. I was discouraged and questioned if I should continue in my leadership role. No one but God’s Spirit could have prompted this prayer from a friend! I was so moved and encouraged by her faith to pray and to send this note of encouragement to me.

Philip followed God’s direction to leave a stirring ministry in Samaria and travel down a desert road. Once on the road, he was directed to the chariot of an Ethiopian eunuch, who happened to be reading Scripture. The Ethiopian embraced the gospel of Jesus and was baptized (Acts 8:26-37). Tradition holds that this eunuch returned home and founded the church in Ethiopia.

Philip and my friend have something in common. Both were obedient to the prompting of God’s Spirit. Their steps of faith glorified God and inspired greater impact for the Kingdom. They could have resisted, questioned, or rationalized the thoughts away. Both had no real understanding of how their actions would fit into God’s plan, but they responded in simple obedience.

May we be bold enough to do the same.

Father God, may my heart be tender and ears attentive to your Spirit’s promptings. I acknowledge that many times I resist change and question. I invite you to direct and empower me through the work and filling of your Spirit today. Use me as your ambassador of help and hope to the world around me. Amen.

Go Deeper — Reflect on a time you have resisted what was placed in your heart. What caused you to hesitate or rationalize it away and not take action? What would be needed for you to… go do it?

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Photo Credit: Bernard Hermant