It was winter and the buses were on strike. I picked up a student who wanted a ride on this cold day. He was from Africa and this was his first experience with a Canadian winter. As we talked, I noticed he didn’t have gloves. In that moment, it seemed that God prompted me, “Give him your gloves and tell him I love him.” I hesitated, not because I had a special attachment to my gloves, but what would the student think? How would he respond? As we approached his destination, I surrendered my fears and gave him my gloves. I told him I was doing this because God loves him. He thanked me, took my gloves and got out of the car.

Shortly after I got home, the phone rang. A friend was phoning with a question. “Do you need a pair of gloves?” Before I could answer, she explained she had purchased a pair of gloves for her son but they didn’t fit. For some reason she thought of me. Amazing.

God knows all things — the number of stars, the hairs on our heads and even when a sparrow falls to the ground (Luke 12:6-8). In his knowledge, he can guide us to special places in order to touch lives if we will listen and act on his direction! We may never know the results. I never saw that student again. But we can know our simple obedience will fit in God’s good plan!

Lord, I confess that so often I trust in my own thoughts and perceptions. I want your spirit to guide me in each area of my life. Amen.

Go Deeper — Fear and worry often point to areas of life where we are not trusting God. They can rob us of peace and keep us from following God’s direction. Are you worried or fearful? Can you submit each area to God and trust he is able to direct your steps?

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Photo Credit: Scott Dukette